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Consignor/Donor Agreement

W E L C O M E   F U T U R E   K I D S 

Consignment and Donation Agreement

Thank you for consigning or donating with Welcome Future Kids. Before we can help you re-sell your children’s clothing, shoes, accessories, select books, toys and gear, please read and confirm your acceptance of our consignment/donation agreement. By registering as a consignor or donor and clicking “yes” OR “waive my commissions and donate” electronically, you will agree to the terms, statements and conditions of this agreement as written below:


- Pre-screened, accepted brands, kids sizes 0-14 of any season garments, shoes, accessories, books, toys and gear. The consignor/donor agrees that all consigned/donated items are in excellent condition, laundered, dustless, odorless, from a smoke-free environment, spot free, folded/packaged neatly (buttoned/snapped/zipped) and ready to be received by Welcome Future Kids. Beautifully mended items are fine! Welcome Future Kids reserves the right to refuse any items in its sole discretion. 


- All potential consignments and donations must be approved via text photos sent to 646-206-7358 or an in person pick up from WFK if you have more  than 4 items on our brand list.  Photos must show the front and back of each item, brand and size tags, and any visible mending. Approved items may also be dropped off at one of our Tribeca locations as per the client’s preference.

-Once items are approved, courier pick up will be arranged, at no cost to the consignor/donor when you have at least 4 items. 

-Clients with fewer than 4 items must drop off their items at one of our Tribeca locations.  

-The consignor is paid 40% of the item sale price.  

-Donors that wish to take part in our Philanthropy Initiative waive their 40% commission in favor of gifting it to the charitable organization supported at the time of their item’s sale. Welcome Future Kids chooses local organizations that directly benefit New York families. Each organization is supported for a 4 month (tri-annual) period.

-Should an item accidentally be sent to Welcome Future Kids with a cleanable mark or mendable damage, Welcome Future Kids will attempt to fix these honestly missed issues. Welcome Future Kids will charge 5% of the item’s sale price for the cleaning/mending work. This means that your commission/donation would be 35% paid for the mended or cleaned item. It is Welcome Future Kid’s goal to keep all salvageable items moving in the circular economy and not end up as trash.

-Pick-ups are available in all five boroughs of New York City but additional charges may apply if you are outside of our normal radius. 

- Welcome Future Kids reserves the right to refuse any consigned/donated items received from the consignor/donor (deemed as an unsuitable item) once seen in person, including any consigned/donated items already in the possession of Welcome Future Kids. If an item is deemed unsuitable it will not be listed for sale on WelcomeFutureKids.com and will be donated directly to our vetted charities that accept physical items for New York families in need. The consignor/donor acknowledges and agrees that Welcome Future Kids may donate the unsuitable item, in a manner determined by Welcome Future Kids in its sole discretion, without further liability or obligation to the consignor or donor.

-It is the responsibility of the consignor/donor to update Welcome Future Kids of any changes to their contact details.  


-Welcome Future Kids accepts consignment and donation items for all seasons, year-round and reserves the right to hold consigned/donated items for a period of six (6) months prior to advertising for sale. For the purposes of this agreement, the first day a consigned/donated item is advertised for sale by Welcome Future Kids will be defined as the “stock date”.  

 -If a consigned or donated item is not sold within 120 days of the stock date, the unsold item will become the absolute property of Welcome Future Kids and will be donated at the sole discretion of Welcome Future Kids without further obligation or liability to the consignor/donor. Welcome Future Kids donates unsold stock to the following carefully vetted charitable organizations that benefit New York City families in need: Room to Grow, Little Essentials, and Thrifty Hog funding Hearts of Gold.


Welcome Future Kids reserves the right to determine the prices for any consigned or donated items, in its sole discretion. 


The consignor may select the following options for payment:

- Store credit in the form of a Gift Card.


- PayPal e-transfer. You must provide your PayPal email address in order to receive payments.

-Payments are disbursed monthly at the beginning of each month, paying for sales made in the month prior.     


Welcome Future Kids will not be responsible, directly or indirectly, to the consignor/donor for any loss, damage or theft to consigned/donated items. If a consigned/donated item is destroyed or damaged by fire or other casualty, this agreement will automatically terminate without any further obligation or requirement of Welcome Future Kids. All risk of ownership of consigned/donated items will remain with the consignor/donor for the duration of this agreement.  Welcome Future Kids disclaims any warranties or representations about the safety or suitability of the consigned/donated items. Welcome Future Kids further disclaims any warranties or representations with respect to experience or expertise in manufacturing, repairing, or inspecting merchandise for safety, ease of use, or fitness for a particular purpose and therefore disclaims any responsibility for recalls, defective merchandise, or safe usage for any purpose.                  

OTHER LEGAL STUFF                                                                                             

- No alteration or amendment to this agreement will take effect unless it is in writing duly executed and agreed upon by both the consignor or donor and Welcome Future Kids.  

-This agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of New York.

- The provisions of this agreement constitute the entire agreement between the consignor/donor and Welcome Future Kids and supersede all previous communications, representations and agreements, whether oral or written, between the consignor/donor and Welcome Future Kids with respect to the subject matter of this agreement.