Nido de Esperanza

Welcome Future Kids is thrilled to work in collaboration with Nido de Esperanza.  Nido de Esperanza is transforming the lives of children in low income families in upper Manhatttan by intervening early and often in a baby's first 1000 days by building community and supporting mamas to thrive so that their babies can too.  1 out of 4 babies born in NYC are born into poverty.  Scientific studies show that children born into poverty and exposed to toxic stress in the first 3 years of their lives have lifelong adverse impacts on their health, wealth and well being.  Nido takes a holisitic two generation approach to mitigate the toxic stress brought on by a mother's poverty and other harmful environmental factors.

Here is who they are helping in NYC:

Here is what they are doing:

If you're a numbers person, in 2021 they provided:

50,444 lbs of food (thanks to NYP and WSCAH)

3778 Meals (thanks to Freshly)

55,368 Diapers

2,140 books sent home to build home libraries

30 cribs

$40,000 in direct cash assistance (thanks to Vision Church)

3000+ hours of Parent Education

25 Graduates placed in 3K, Welcomed 20 babies and celebrated their 5 Year Anniversary!

Every item on our site that is marked with an *asterisk* gives 40% of its sale cost directly to Nido de Esperanza to help these mothers and their babies in need.  We live in a city of tremendous privilege and this is one small way to share in our community.  You can shop the *asterisks* and/or you can choose to donate your commission to this organization that is making new roads for families that desperately need it.  You can also reach out to Nido de Esperanza to donate directly to them or to volunteer.