About Us

Jessica Grindstaff is a multi-hyphenate artist. She is a director, painter, set designer and co-founder of Phantom Limb Company, a NYC based performing arts company that has focused on storytelling and climate crisis since 2009. Her work has been shown at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, The Kennedy Center and across the US and Internationally.   In 2018 Jessica traveled to the Fukushima prefecture of Japan and met with families that had lost nearly everything from the 2011 tsunami and subsequent nuclear meltdown. She came away from this journey with a new commitment for small local actions and gestures to aggregate and create significant change. She is the mama of two girls called Freya and Lark.

Kerry Olson Sulski is a certified holistic fitness and health coach who also holds a BA in Social Thought and Political Economy from UMASS Amherst. With a passion for social justice and a desire to improve the planet, she teaches her clients to look at how they may achieve their best health and strength with sustainable life practices. She is the mama of a beloved boy named Kazmer.