Garment Care

We thought it worth noting that we can all substantially  lengthen the life of our kid's clothes with proper care.  

-Many items should never enter your dryer.  In addition to prematurely aging some fabrics, a dryer will set a stain and make it nearly impossible to remove.

-Many  spots really can be  removed naturally.   The first line of defense in our home is Puracy Stain Remover (no  harmful chemicals).  You  need to spray it  on at least an hour before washing but it gets about 85% of substances out.  For heavier lifting, soaking a  garment  in BioKleen Oxygen Bleach  Plus- both disolved in the water and then some sprinkled directly  on the stain  for 24 hours.  This works 95% of the time. 

-Mending.  Mending can be a beautiful thing.  Just look at Sashiko, the Japanese art of mending or read Vogue's recent article on Visible Mending   It is  a shame to take a gorgeous handmade sweater or well-worn denim and put them in the bin because we think no one will want them.  That's why we will both accept mended items and will occasionally by request mend an item to prolong it's life.  All mended items will be very clearly labeled as such with detailed photos of the mend.