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Moms for Moms



It is our great honor to create another partnership in the city of New York that underlines our values as mothers and citizens of a diverse and complex city.  Moms for Moms is a NYC based non-profit organization with a mission to empower single mothers by providing critical postpartum and newborn essentials to lessen the stress that comes with living in poverty. With an awareness that came from being raised by a single mom herself, Danielle Krupa became a mother and saw a need around her in NYC which led to the founding of Moms for Moms. This partnership is made all the more special in that Moms for Moms works in conjunction with Nido de Esperanza, our philanthropic partner for 2023. It is powerful to witness these organizations coming together to provide foundational support to mothers in need in the New York City area.  
Since their inception they have served over 4250 mothers with over 650,000 newborn essentials with their signature newborn baby essentials kit and postpartum recovery bundles… 
1 in 3 mothers struggle to provide clean diapers for their baby. 1 in 5 women can’t afford the menstrual hygiene products that are critical to their care in the 6-8 weeks after birth. 
Since 2014 Moms for Moms has provided single mothers with over $700,000 worth of goods, including:
500,000+ Diapers and Wipes
35,000+ Infant Onesies, Pajamas, Pants, Jackets, Socks and Hats
50,000+ Menstrual Care Products
25,000+ Women's Basic Hygiene and Self Care Items
28,000+ Newborn Essentials- Feeding supplies, Blankets, Safety Kits, Wash and Lotion
18,500+ Postpartum Recovery Items
Please join us in supporting this vital organization that is filling the gaps where public assistance leaves them to fend for themselves. 
There are three simple ways that you can be a part of this philanthropic partnership:
1. As a consigner, you can choose to donate your 40% commission to Moms for Moms
2. As a shopper, purchasing any items marked with an *asterisk* will donate 40% of the proceeds directly to Moms for Moms
3. You can simply donate a dollar at check out
All of these efforts add up and have a big impact.  Remember when we are trying to make a difference in our communities, small acts aggregate and can make bigger changes. We appreciate you, our community, and are so grateful to get to know and collaborate with such incredible organizations.