Condition Grading and Pricing

Condition Grading is determined using the following criteria and terminology


You can expect items marked "Excellent" to be in new condition.  This could include: new with tags, new without tags, previously unworn to the best of our knowledge and certainly no signs that it has been worn.   These items should appear perfect.

Very Good

You can expect items marked  "Very Good" to be free from visible signs of wear.  No pilling,  pulling, marks or thinning in any areas of the fabric.  Very good items may show evidence of laundering but be in otherwise flawless condition.


You can expect items marked  as "Good" to have visible signs of wear and laundering but to be still in great wearable shape.  Visible signs of wear could include light pilling, scant pulls or faint marks that do not stand out.  "Good" items may also have visible mending that does not effect wearability and beauty and will be in indicated in photographs and in price.


You can expect "Fair" items to have more noticeable wear or flaws.  To be honest, we will only accept and sell items in "Fair" condition if we think the piece is so special that someone might not mind that it has become a bit faded or has a little more pilling than we would usually allow if they can get a really exciting piece for $5 or $10 which is the pricing that you will encounter in a "Fair" listing.  



Pricing of consigned items on Welcome Future Kids is determined by market value, brand availability and the condition of the item.  Welcome Future Kids is committed to fair and accessible prices.  We aim to incentivize a culture of reuse.

We believe that you shouldn't have to think twice about second hand prices.