Where We Donate

Where do the unsold items go?

All Items not sold in 90 days are not returned to the consignor they are donated to organizations providing support to families living in poverty right here in NYC.


Items for children aged 0-3 go to the incredible NYC based organization Room To Grow which provides critical support to families raising babies born into low-income circumstances in the form of donated clothing and baby gear but also coaching and valuable connections to community resources.


Items for children aged 3-5 go to Little Essentials, an important NYC organization providing clothing and gear to families living in poverty and in urgent need of support.


Items for children ages 5 and up go to the Thrifty Hog, a resale store in Manhattan where ALL proceeds go to Hearts of Gold providing homeless mothers with job training and a living wage to help them transition out of the shelter system as well as providing tutoring for children in need to build skills associated with STEAM disciplines as well as summer camp experiences through S.T.E.P. (Summer Team Enrichment Program)